Graceful Works founder Katie Keller moved from the Chicago suburbs to San Francisco when she was 18. While being a visually stimulating time of life, it was also a very challenging time. Thankfully, art was a source of solace and a life-long companionship was formed during this time.

After returning to the Chicago area, Katie’s career focus shifted from engineering to the arts. She graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art in 2004. Soon after realizing that the marketplace and academia were very different, Graceful Works started in 2004 under the name of Collaboration Digital Design Studio. It was Katie’s freelance digital design work. In 2008, the business was renamed Graceful Works.

Since 2008, the business has evolved from graphics and fine art to include products and surface design too. We also have a strong commitment to equal access to arts education. We stay loyal to this commitment through educational and community partnerships. We are a partner with a Chicago Public School but the school we worked with has been closed. So we are reinventing our community strategies currently.

Going forward, Graceful Works is looking forward to creating positive art and design to help spread love in this world.

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